Reading Notes: Narayan’s Ramayana, Section A

As always, a king is sad because he wants an heir. I found myself initially wondering how the three queens felt. “Their faces brightened.” In many stories in history and fiction, royal families are torn apart by the queen’s inability to produce an heir. This story reminded me much of Henry the VII and his relationships with his six wives. In a new narrative, the king would be driven mad with grief and pride, such as Henry the VIII was, however I would like to see the downfall of the patriarch and to have his wives band together for the benefit of the kingdom.

I would like to write a story about the queen Kaikeyi from her perspective. I would also like to change the details of her banishing Rama, and instead have her act selflessly to use her favors for the good of the kingdom, rather than personal gain. In my story, Kaiyeki scorns her nurse for insulting her husband, and remains a loyal and kind woman with her kingdom’s best interest at heart.

I find the ability to call upon celestial weapons very interesting. I would like to consider the idea of calling upon objects other than a weapon. For example, if Rama had instead needed to outsmart a riddle of sorts, like an enchanted door, and used his power to call upon a lockpick or key.

Rama and Sita’s wedding 

I also want to write a story about Ganga getting lost in Baghirathma’s hair and her experiences of weaving through the unknown for years. Perhaps she has to face antagonists within his hair. I see the landscape as a silken forest of gold, as if Baghirathma’s hair was golden.

I loved finally being able to learn about Rama and Sita and their origins. I will definitely
incorporate them into one of my stories, however, I desire to see a stronger and more powerful Sita. We shall see what the future reading brings.

It is difficult to sort through the traditional language of the Ramayana, but I find it inspiring and the language is beautiful.



Notes and comments from

  1. “King Dasharatha”
  2. “Rama Battles Demons”
  3. “Bhagiratha”
  4.  “Sita”
  5. “Kaikeyi”



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