Reading Notes: PDE Mahabharata, Part A

I find it very interesting that Ganga casts her children, the Vasas, into the river to return them to their celestial state. I do not find this action to be noble or just, however, it does remind me slightly of the biblical story of Abraham and God’s wish for him to sacrifice Isaac. I wonder what it would look like if there were to be a story in which Ganga falls in love with the King Shantanu by way of his compassion and soft heart when she drowns her children.

Again, I am reminded of biblical settings as Vyasa is born of the virgin Satyavati. I think it would be interesting to write a story in which Shantanu is driven by lust and does in fact disinherit Devavrata in order to marry Satyavati. In this narrative, the mighty Ganga could become driven by anger, or heartbreak depending on the direction the author takes, and seek her vengeance on Vyasa and the king.

Lady Amba


Obviously, I am not into the whole idea of the patriarchy, and would definitely alter some details in the story of Lady Amba. I would not have Amba submit herself to manhood because she believes that she is incapable as a woman. Additionally, I desire to see a story in which Lady Amba seeks her revenge on the king that turned her away, rather than on Bhishma. I also do not think it necessary for Amba to lose her beauty in order to become stronger. Perhaps as she seeks solace in the forest, she grows both physically and mentally stronger and more beautiful still. Women are absolutely allowed to be simultaneously strong and beautiful, and I do not wish to see beauty as a sign of weakness.



PDE Mahabharata





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