Reading Notes: PDE Mahabharata: Part B


Bhima fighting with the rakshasa

I was very captivated by the episode in which a rakshasa woman, Hidimbi, the sister of the man-
eating rakshasa, had fallen in love with Bhima and offered to help him escape from her brother. I would like to take this story and turn it into a narrative from the rakshasa woman’s point of view. I think it would be interesting to do research on the rakshasa as it applies to Indian culture, and to perhaps delve into the life of this particular rakshasa woman and her thoughts and feelings as she crosses paths with Bhima.


In the episode “Bhima and Hidimbi” the Pandavas awake to behold the rakshasa sister’s

Gatokacha, the son of Bhima and the rakshasa woman. 

beauty as she keeps watch while Bhima fights the rakshasa chieftan. I am intrigued by the nobility and care of the rakshasa woman that she is so struck by love that she acts in the interest of Bhima and the Pandavas. Again, I would like to delve into the heart and mind of the sister and her character. The entire involvement of her character as it pertains to the Mahabharata, including the marriage to Bhima and the birth of their son, are very fascinating to me.


I already am enjoying the Mahabharata more than the Ramayana. I think that my stories in this section will reflect the strong female characters in the Mahabharata (shocker), such as Hidimbi, Queen Kunti, and Draupadi. I am both surprised and amused by Draupadi’s taking of five husbands and her past life; again, I would like to explore this narrative from the woman’s perspective. I am also curious as to how Arjuna’s time in exile would be in more detail, especially that of his time with Ulupi. I find it interesting that Arjuna would just take another lover and have a child with her upon departure from his wife.






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