Week 6 Reading Notes, PDE Mahabharata Part C

In this part of the Mahabharata, Draupadi finds herself extremely upset at her husbands’

Draupadi and Krishna

lack of chivalry and their unwillingness to defend her. Krishna comes down to Draupadi to comfort her. She laments for days after that she is confined to exile and unable to seek out the luxuries that brought her comfort in her old life.


I would like to write a story in which Draupadi is approached and blessed by Krishna, and rather than sorrowing over her losses, is inspired to depart the Pandevas on a journey of her own. She could leave the forest and attempt to travel back to the palace, facing many hardships and trials on the way, but nevertheless returning. Upon her return, I believe she will find that her luxuries are nothing but worldly desires, and that her time spent living and battling in the forest on her own were entirely more fulfilling of her independent nature.

I really liked the nature of the curse bestowed upon Arjuna by Urvashi, given his exile in the city of Indra, that he must be lowly regarded among women as a musician and dancer. I would like to write a story in which Arjuna finds a passion for song and dance, and rather than playing in taverns or the court as a bard, becomes most famous for his work. I also would like to add in a romantic element; because Arjuna was cursed to be lowly regarded among women, I think it would be interesting to give Arjuna’s character the possibilities of a romantic relationship with a man, perhaps even a god in disguise, with whom he travels with for his music.

I was so excited that Hanuman made an appearance in the Mahabharata! I think it would be really interesting to expand upon his experiences after his adventures with Rama.



Image Link: http://widgets.bestmoodle.net/images/mahabharata/DrauKrishna.jpg

Mahabharata PDE: http://ouocblog.blogspot.com/2009/07/mahabharata-online-public-domain-edition.html


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