Week 7, Famous Last Words: Writing for Fun(?)

I really enjoy the “Famous Last Words” assignments because it gives me an opportunity to really reflect on my experience with this class, and regardless of the work-load, allows me to feel genuine gratitude for my opportunity to take it.

This week, I had much more time to work on the assignments for this class, but I did not receive it until the end of the week, unfortunately. I just finished working on a dance show as the light board operator, and it was really a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to have some down time to work on class work in the booth before the show.

I hope to get ahead over spring break. I really do enjoy this class, and the work that comes with it, and would like to pull my grade up significantly. While the number of assignments and the points I currently have do not reflect it, this class is right up my ally, and I believe that with a little extra time (which I, unfortunately, do not have in copious amounts) I could excel. I am working on doing some pre-production work this week while I am in town, so that I am able to dedicate my spring break to catching up and getting ahead for this class, specifically.

As far as my current work in the class goes, I really enjoy the project assignments. Image result for writingAlthough they are time-consuming, the sentence-level commentary that we receive is very helpful, and I do believe it is causing me to grow as a writer. Writing is something that I have always felt very passionately about, but have lost the time and motivation for as my life has become over-burdened with responsibilities; it is very refreshing, and I am truly thankful, to be in a class that forces me to do something I enjoy, and to get better at it.


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The Art of Writing


Week 7, Back-Up and Review: Punctuation Saves Lives

I just finished telling a friend how annoying I am about punctuation; I believe I have commented on the proper use of a comma in more than one blog or project comment. My friends and classmates may find it irritating, but I have a passion for language! This was by far my favorite item from this week’s announcements.


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Sunday, March 5 Announcements

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Links to stories that focus on strong women in Indian literature.

Kaikeyi: the Good Queen

In this story, Kaikeyi learns of her genetic gift and uses it for the betterment of the kingdom, to help her and her husband’s other two wives be able to conceive sons.


Draupadi the Brave

Draupadi, one of the most influential women in the Mahabharata, receives her own narrative, a fictional representation of her childhood love and the events leading up to her marriage to the Pandevas.