Week 7, Famous Last Words: Writing for Fun(?)

I really enjoy the “Famous Last Words” assignments because it gives me an opportunity to really reflect on my experience with this class, and regardless of the work-load, allows me to feel genuine gratitude for my opportunity to take it.

This week, I had much more time to work on the assignments for this class, but I did not receive it until the end of the week, unfortunately. I just finished working on a dance show as the light board operator, and it was really a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to have some down time to work on class work in the booth before the show.

I hope to get ahead over spring break. I really do enjoy this class, and the work that comes with it, and would like to pull my grade up significantly. While the number of assignments and the points I currently have do not reflect it, this class is right up my ally, and I believe that with a little extra time (which I, unfortunately, do not have in copious amounts) I could excel. I am working on doing some pre-production work this week while I am in town, so that I am able to dedicate my spring break to catching up and getting ahead for this class, specifically.

As far as my current work in the class goes, I really enjoy the project assignments. Image result for writingAlthough they are time-consuming, the sentence-level commentary that we receive is very helpful, and I do believe it is causing me to grow as a writer. Writing is something that I have always felt very passionately about, but have lost the time and motivation for as my life has become over-burdened with responsibilities; it is very refreshing, and I am truly thankful, to be in a class that forces me to do something I enjoy, and to get better at it.


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The Art of Writing


3 thoughts on “Week 7, Famous Last Words: Writing for Fun(?)

  1. I just want to say that you are a phenomenal writer. I also enjoy the sentence to sentence feedback. It is so helpful. I am not as good as a writer as you are, but it also helps me improve a lot more. Getting ahead over Spring Break sounds productive, I do not know if I can do that! I know I am just ready to be lazy. Just do not over work yourself and make sure you are taking time off to self-care.

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  2. It’s really nice to read positivity like this, especially considering how difficult it is to remain persistent in the face of adversity. I enjoy your writing style and found this post to be exceedingly encouraging. I also can’t help but echo your sentiments about love for this class being shadowed by copious amounts of work. I really hope you’re able to catch up in a timely manner!


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